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Surfing the Sky? A Braniff Airlines Tale

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Despite being known for painting its aircrafts bright colors, creative interiors and eye popping uniforms, the majority of Braniff Airlines swizzle sticks have been unassuming black stirrers. Not so for it’s Hawaii Route. The Braniff Surfboards were issued in bright Orange, Yellow and Turquoise; with Aloha printed on one side and Braniff on the other.

Sidebar: They also had real surfboard promos and a nifty sticker (below)!

During its five decade run, Braniff was using art and a bright color palette on everything from flight attendances in miniskirts by Pucci and exteriors by Calder and logos featuring the sleek lines of Alexander Girard.

Braniff surfboards were issued in Yellow, Orange and Turquoise, only partially matching its color palettes.


In 1982, Braniff went belly up, but not before making a big splash of color and design.

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