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We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Among the most coveted swizzle sticks, are those who take the shape of sharks. Sharks have been trending since Jaws and continued into the farce genre with the SyFy channels epically bad Sharknado movie franchise. Sharknado was called by actor David Hasselhoff “...the worst movie you have ever seen"; Sadly, to our knowledge, SyFy did not issue swizzle promotionals, but if they make one, we'll be on the hunt.


Beachbum Berry helps us segue from our recent post on Surfboards to our next topic: Shark Swizzle Sticks; but could just as easily be a transition to Christmas. It’s bright orange surfboard has a big shark bite taken out of it and is marked “Sippin’ Santa” and was issued with a mug featuring Santa and a crocodile in a hot tub (or is that a “Scorpion” Bowl)?


There is a wave of new Shark themed swizzle sticks from Tiki Bars and private entrepreneurs.

The sharks on the right are from tiki bar Hidden Harbor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (issued first in turquoise and orange and later in a blue with white spots):

FUN FACT: Hidden Harbor also made

banana” swizzle sticks, but rumor has it they are actually porpoises. I’m not convinced (but there little eyes and a mouth on their "nose").


One of our all time favorites is this blood red swimmer swizzle made In celebration of the Jaws’ 45th anniversary.

The awesome group, Mondo*, recently raised the bar with a jawsome collection of classic and new products - including this shark mug and heart stopping red swimmer swizzle stick. Gold lettering on the stick reads "JAWS".

*Mondo, according to their website, is a small group of fans, family, & friends headquartered in Austin, Texas but with a global staff. The group works with incredible artists who share a passion to create posters, soundtracks, toys, apparel, books, games and collectibles for Classics -- pop culture past & present that share a rare, unexpectedly vivid and timeless quality.


Unbelievably, we do not have the swimmer stick in our collection, although they do show up on e-bay occasionally complete with the matching shark mug.

Another fan favorite, the Myers's Rum cocktail, the “Sharkbite” swizzle (pictured on the right with a few other Myers sticks. The sharkbite swizzle was issued in two sizes (Large and Small).


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